A new set of National Guidelines on Nursing Management of Nasogastric Tube in Adult Patients (“NGT Guidelines”) has been developed by the NGT Review Workgroup convened by CNO’s Office in August 2021.

The guidelines will replace the previous CPG developed in 2010 and include recommendations on:

(i) indications for NGT insertion,

(ii) placement and confirmation of NGT position,

(iii) precautionary measures,

(iv) management of NGT and

(v) broad guiding principles on staff training, competencies, and escalation processes

The guidelines will be useful not just for nurses but also other healthcare professionals like doctors and allied health workers, as NGT procedures and processes often require multi-disciplinary care and coordination. Healthcare workers should also be reminded on the risks and limitations and to exercise caution by carrying out additional checks where necessary.

Institutions are also encouraged to utilise the guidelines to review and update their internal policies and processes to ensure their relevancy on NGT practices within their care settings.