The programmes and courses are intended to meet the learning needs of nurses working in various healthcare settings. These programmes and courses enable nurses to build on the nursing competencies they have attained since graduating from their pre-registration nursing programmes. Nurses may refer to the NNA course listing to explore learning opportunities and discuss their training plans with their supervisors if they are keen to expand their clinical skills and knowledge in areas they would like to further develop. Nurses have the flexibility to explore and attend training courses offered by other healthcare institutions and gather skillsets across different healthcare settings.  

The course listing will be reviewed on a half-yearly basis.

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NNA Accredited Courses  

The NNA recognises the importance of continuing workplace-based nursing education. The NNA-accredited programmes and courses signify that they have undergone two rounds of stringent review by the NNA Evaluators and Evaluation Panel who endorsed the programmes and courses have met the NNA’s Standards for Workplace-Based Nursing Education. NNA-accredited programmes and courses will be recognised across healthcare institutions and settings in Singapore.  

NNA-accredited programmes and courses will be distinguished with the following ‘NNA Accredited’ logo at the bottom right hand corner of the individual course summary.


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Intravenous Cannulation and Venepuncture Course for Nurses

  • Sengkang General Hospital (SKH)
The course aims to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills to perform intravenous cannulation and venepuncture safely.
  • Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse
  • Clinical Skills, Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Blended
  • 1.00 Days
  • 128.40
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Wound Debridement (Advanced)

  • St Luke's Hospital (SLH)
Wound bed preparation is an essential part of the wound healing process. Removal of non-viable tissue from wound bed is a fundamental aspect of wound care and conservative wound debridement should only be undertaken by experienced and trained healthcare providers. Through this course, participants will be equipped with advanced knowledge and skills to perform wound debridement.

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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (Intermediate)

  • St Luke's Hospital (SLH)
The implementation of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) for both surgical and chronic wounds are widely available in healthcare institutions as well as home care setting. It helps in promoting wound healing through contraction and thus reducing the length of hospital stay. Through this course, participants will learn to outline the purpose of NPWT; identify cautions of using NPWT; outline features and functions of the device and demonstrate the technique of correct application of NPWT.

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