Accreditation of Courses

The NNA recognises the importance of continuing workplace-based nursing education. In line with its mission, the NNA provides nurses and healthcare providers access to a suite of professional development programmes and courses by listing them at the NNA website.

At the same time, NNA has developed Standards for Workplace-Based Nursing Education for the purpose of accrediting courses delivered by Healthcare Institutions (HCIs). Once accredited, these courses are deem to be of quality, integrity, and meet the healthcare needs of our populations. These standards are adapted from the Singapore Nursing Board's (SNB) Standards for Nursing Education (2019).

Institutions whose programmes or courses:
a) meet NNA standards;
b) align with NNA accreditation guidelines/curriculum; and
c) achieve the outcomes mapped to the established competency framework(s)

may apply to NNA for accreditation. Accredited programmes and courses will be recognised nationally across healthcare institutions in Singapore.

Accreditation Process and Approval Timeline

Course providers who wish to offer NNA-accredited workplace-based nursing courses and programmes may apply and submit course curriculum and required supporting documents for NNA's review. A summary of the accreditation process is shown below. 


There are five steps in the accreditation process.

Step 1: Submission of course materials and supporting documents by training providers.

Step 2: Screening of documents by NNA Secretariat for any missing information or documents.

Step 3: Evaluation of the course submissions by NNA's Evaluators and Evaluation Panel.

Step 4: NNA Secretariat will prepare the relevant information and materials related to the application outcome for training providers following course evaluation.

Step 5: Training providers will be notified of the outcome of the review.

The whole accreditation process will take minimally 9 weeks or longer depending on whether any further clarifications are needed. 

Documents to be submitted

The application comprises the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Documents 
  3. Self-Evaluation Report for Workplace-Based Nursing Education
  4. CV Template 

Submission Deadline

Applications for course accreditation can be submitted within the first week of every quarter (e.g. 1-7 January, April, July, October). An additional day will be added for months with public holidays within the first week. Applications received by this deadline will be evaluated in the same quarter. Submissions received after the deadline will be evaluated in the next cycle.

The application must be received by the NNA secretariat at least four months prior to the programme or course commencement date.

Validity of Accreditation Status

When accreditation is awarded by the NNA, the accreditation status is effective on the date of the award. The validity of accreditation is as follows:

  • Initial or First Accreditation : three-year period
  • Subsequent Accreditation : five-year period

Application for re-accreditation should be made four months before the end of the existing validity period.

You may download a copy of the Accreditation Guidelines for Workplace-based Nursing Education here.

After Accreditation

Training providers are required to submit an annual report to NNA to ensure the accredited courses continue to be of high quality and are aligned with NNA's standards.

Training providers should also notify NNA of any significant changes to the accredited courses via the submission of a special report. NNA will review if the changes made will impact the accreditation status of the course.

You may download a copy of the report templates here.